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You are not lost, broken or unfixable, you are simply UNDISCOVERED.

You may feel as if the Universe, God or Source have turned their backs on you, but in reality, your Higher Self and Source are waiting for you to speak your truths. It is time for you to open yourself up to the abundance, blissings and blessings of the Universe.

Your multidimensional transformation (personal life, spiritual path and business goals) awakens when you give yourself permission to receive, integrate, give and align with the transcendental essence (your divine medicine) of your Divine Spirit.

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“You’re not Lost, you’re simply Undiscovered.”

Welcome to Undiscovered, your 10 weeks of harmonized vibrations through high intentions with low attachments, and the deepest journey through self love and clarity to discover the you that you believed was broken, lost and unworthy.

A lack of patience as an Entrepreneur will destroy your seeds of connection and growth every time you pull them out based on fear and a scarcity mindset.

Learn to trust the process

There were times in my life when I didn’t want to be here anymore… YES, even at that time, I was still the “Hero” to so many Friends. I was the person that had experienced it all… S3xual Assault as a Child. Combat PTSD in war zones. Dear John Letter from my Fiancé while in Iraq. I had my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit shattered many times. YET, I still was there. SMILING FOR THE WORLD. I was the one people came to for support, inspiration and to release.

At the same time, I did not want to be here anymore. I did not want to remember the pain or the challenges. I wanted to be in the Abyss where NO ONE could find me. That mindset was actually me not realizing I had to own my power. It wasn’t even about taking my power back because no one else had it, but I let others control it. When I began to forgive myself for allowing that to be and starting to give myself closure, I began to exist in a new world. I used to journal a lot, but that did not actually release anything fully. It was movement that was the catalyst to my release. It was the FUSION of Poetry/Prose x Dance. I learned to dance with my words and thoughts.

This allowed me to release AND receive – simultaneously. Oh what a Divine Being I became. A being that created my own way to exist and be here. This is the power we all have. 



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