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You are not lost, broken or unfixable, you are simply UNDISCOVERED.

You may feel as if the Universe, God or Source have turned their backs on you, but in reality, your Higher Self and Source are waiting for you to speak your truths. It is time for you to open yourself up to the abundance, blissings and blessings of the Universe.

Your multidimensional transformation (personal life, spiritual path and business goals) awakens when you give yourself permission to receive, integrate, give and align with the transcendental essence (your divine medicine) of your Divine Spirit.

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1:1 Coaching

Manifest the life of your dreams with One-on-One coaching aligned towards multidimensional transformations.
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Take 100% responsibility for your life through Integrity by integrating your authentic self.
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Be soul-to-soul with me for a minimum of three months in a sacred space of divine creation.
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Online Courses

Work with me to receive, integrate and expand on the downloads your divine spirit has on drip in a celestial classroom.

I can guide you with

1:1 Coaching

Manifest the life of your dreams as we transmute your unsung thoughts into your divine reality and co-create unknowns in the present-perfect moment.

Life Programs

Take your life back by banishing self-sabotaging patterns and limited beliefs, as you stand in your full potential, authentic self and highest integrity.

Self Development

Allow yourself to be held in a safe container to grow and flow as you take the deepest dives within your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Core Support

Know that you are joining a space which will hold you accountable to the commitments you make to yourself, and in the vulnerable moments you are finally standing within to heal and grow.

“Multidimensional Transformations require the essence of Quantum Qourage™ while trusting in Source.”

Qourage™ is the divine essence that aligns with the Self when we make a choice to do something difficult, even when there’s risk. We do so because we know Qourage™ is required to make Quantum Leaps.

“You’re not Lost, you’re simply Undiscovered.”

Welcome to Undiscovered, your 10 weeks of harmonized vibrations through high intentions with low attachments, and the deepest journey through self love and clarity to discover the you that you believed was broken, lost and unworthy.


I worked with Khadaura because of his alignment with the Divine Feminine and Goddess Energies. I never saw myself working with a male coach, but he definitely knows what he is doing and is great at explaining his messages through visualizations.

Necy Butler

Whenever I feel down or lost, don't know my next step, or when I feel not so great or unworthy, Khadaura builds me up with fire so I can keep going. He gives me clarity on what my next step is because he can see situations from the bird's eye view. This allows us to nail things down so I can make the decisions that allow me to move on in the best ways possible.

Jennifer Schlueter
Hypnotherapist and Journalist

I used Khadaura's Sacred Egyptian Golden Trinity oil and it made me feel embraced, feminine, protected, calm, grounded, and I can't keep from smelling it on myself. I felt like I just walked out of getting a one hour massage. I hope these are made into bath bombs soon.

Laura Montoya
Medical Specialist

I recently had a reading with Khadaura. At first I wasn’t sure what it all meant. After some days I could see how the reading resembled my life and what my ancestors had said about where I am currently in life. Khadaura is highly recommend!

Shani Lee
The Goddess of Love Embodiment Coach

Very unique psychic comprehension and skill at picking up subtle yet complex and profound messages that are coming through for your Spirit. Khadaura answers questions you don’t even know you have! Would recommend

Sapphire Soleil
Divine Feminine Beauty & Seduction Coach | Dark Sorceress & Healer.

The [inner] temple journey was calm, nourishing, safe and my energy was super playful. I haven’t slept that well in literally months. Thanks so much for all your energy and words of wisdom!! You have given me a lot of strength to practice patience and love.

Celeste Gabrielle
Vogue Model and Photographer

I love the Golden Trinity Sacred Oil. It helps by bringing tranquility and equilibrium before meditation or any time I use it. It has a strong pleasant smell that transports me into the inner temple. I totally recommend it! Thank you for this magical product.

Alessandra Neagu
Magical Herbalist and Alchemist

I was very impressed with the Golden Trinity Oil. It smells amazing and lasts for a long time! The oil arrived very quickly, and the owner is so professional. I am very impressed and would definitely recommend this shop to others! Thank you again!

Heather Friedman
Hospice Nurse / Death Doula


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