Stay Tuned

Social Media is Khadaura’s cosmic playground where he is able to engage with you directly and in the ever-perfect present moment! Every single comment is responded to personally, with unconditional love and the highest intent and intention to serve.

Daily, Khadaura creates and offers a YOUTUBE video. You will find your questions answered, mystical meditations, magical affirmations, explanations on transcendental codes, and so much more! These videos are an in-depth look at everything your heart and soul needs, and a full DNA activation with code clearing is accessible in every transmission through the resonance of his throat chakra and your willingness to receive!

Every single day Khadaura produces INSTAGRAM live streams including Q&A’s, group meditations, coaching, mindset shifts, manifestation mastery techniques, and inspiration. Posting daily mantras, opportunities for interactive declarations of your sovereign, creative power, and an opportunity to receive special offerings is a “follow” away! Receive Khadaura’s beams of love through every celestial transmission through the healing power of his golden aura.

FACEBOOK receives so much love, multiple times per day, as up to the minute downloads are received from Khadaura’s Higher Self & Astral Family, and transcribed directly to you as they come. The moment to moment consciousness stream offers support at levels surpassing any universal timeline.

The transmissions are so multidimensional, they have the power to recalibrate your awareness to vibrations higher than you’ve ever experienced. Your “a-ha” moments and moments of remembrance are activations in real time, upgrading your DNA and awakening your dormant power. Experiencing moments of deep remembrance are normal, and completely encouraged!

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