ZENBODIMENT™ (n) “Zenbody” meaning a conscious investment or manifestation through the three bodies (physical, energetic and spiritual) AND “ment” meaning the result or product of the action [of the prefixed verb].
As your ZENBODIMENT™ Coach, a part of my journey is to make the Spiritual World less Woo Woo and more aligned with what You Do.
This is done by teaching you holistic ways of living using analogies based on your everyday lifestyle. 
Imagine that, being able to meditate without having to sit down, so that you can reflect and go within even at your corporate job, understanding your psychic gifts without spending hours on Google or in books, or simply connecting to the Universe without becoming a monk or guru. 
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The journey is to built on the core fundamentals of Self-Awareness, Body Awareness and Self-Regulation. These core fundamentals all lead to being Centered and Aligned.
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Ecstatic Dance

This is the journey of abandoning your human self to the rhythm and vibe of music as you move freely to where you enter a trance and experience ecstasy

Soul Alignment

The removal of external expectations and that which you cannot control allows you to find alignment between the mind, body, soul and spirit in all areas of your life.

Conscious Connections

Breaking UP does not mean there will be no space for reconnections. It simply means you are taking space for yourself and weill reconnect when YOU are ready.

The Universe / God / Source as aSOCIAL MEDIA APP

If you struggle with understanding how you, the Universe/God/Source and the Laws of Manifestation and Vibration align, then let’s imagine that the Universe/God/Source are a social media app with a divine algorithm on your smartphone, and your affirmation and declarations are the #hashtags to your healing and growth for you being successful and going “Viral“. 

Today, I wanted to share with you a Journaling Technique I use with clients in order to work through some of the underlying issues we have in our lives.

Although the journaling itself may be easy to write down, the actual process of action and healing can take as MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED. 

It is so easy to want to CONTROL everything and anything in order to feel SAFE AND although this may feel good, it is actually the Ego that is afraid to let go of the old.

The Ego fears who you will become, the best version of yourself, and will use anything you have not healed from against you in the battle of Self.

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zenbodyA Conscious Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Investment WITHOUT all the Woo

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