I am an Architect of Life Coach. I support clients in bringing their vision of a more successful and less stressful life into being through creating a stronger foundation of self worth, an intuitive design for an authoritative presence, layered structures of confidence and integrity, authentic connections with others, and detailed accountability routines in order to build, live and thrive with more meaning and purpose in life.

Equillibrium is a state of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual balance that evolves into alignment for the mind, body, soul and spirit. This process of creating ones own calm state of mind allows for the client to lean into the ego and stories they have been telling themselves and others that are not in integrity with their spirit. When the spirit has awakened from the slumber of programming and tri-egos (physical, energetic and spiritual) then the multidimensional aspects of personal life, business ventures and spiritual path are opened to opportunities for quantum leaps with courage and confidence within.

I see the world as a person that has also seen the world as a world. I am passionate about people because people are the lifeforce and movers of this planet we call, Earth. I understand that in order for there to be rhythm, there must first be structure, then a routine and then the flow. This also comes with understanding that each individual in a team or organization must also be their most aligned in order for the gears of creation, manifestation and integration to be at their peak performance. I focus on progress over perfection because nothing is perfect, for perfection is impossible due to evolution. 

Whether I am working with an individual or team my approach is similar.  I build a unique blueprint anchored in what you believe in, inspired by your vision and commitment to being your most authentic self with the confidence and courage to take action! Each blueprint is created with a redprint (what does not work) and an overlay (projects and goals).

I start by understanding what it is that the individual, group or organization really wants, where they are stuck and what is holding them back. Next, I design relevant and meaningful experiences to drive their unique vision and strategy.  These experiences range from 1-on-1 or group coaching sessions, holistic practices in mindfulness and meditation, as well as intuitive assignments. Meaningful and lasting transformation take place when heart, spirit, vision, strategy, mindset, skillset and energy are aligned. My clients walk away with their unique blueprint and an inspired action plan because they are ready to lean onto their edges and make the leap.


The Human and Spiritual Blueprint

As humans, we all have dreams of the way we would choose for our life to play out, and we are motivated by this every new day that we rise and are able to keep going forward. You know this because there have been moments where you have seen glimpses of your future, but these visions are often thwarted by the chords and chains of our past (generational and ancestral). And here you are, ready to do the work to uncover your inner intellect and wisdom, learn from your ego self and shadows, stand in your integrity and authenticity, speak your truths and inspire others along the way, and tap into your divine esssence. You are choosing to erase, plan, embrace, integrate and thrive with your new blueprint because you know that if you do not do it now, then when?

The Leadership Blueprint

You are a new or experienced leader and your vision is to be confident, influential, respected and achieve results. You are open to self-reflection and gaining clarity on your leadership vision. You want to empower and inspire others to be the best they can be and to do the best work possible. You understand that you cannot take others to the places you yourself have not been because as a leader you know that means the ones you lead will turn to you for guidance. You are ready to work with a coach to unleash your authentic and inspired leader within.

The Team Blueprint

You want to build a team that knows what it means to be a high performing team – your team is ready to create an inspired and shared vision that drives authentic and courageous ways of being into the workplace. Your team is ready to be vulnerable, humble and confident in who they are and excelling in their work. You want to work with a coach to align your strengths, vision and strategy in order to achieve team synergy and achieve peak performance.


The 5 main aspects of life that will keep you from surpassing your boundaries and reaching new opportunities are the programming created by your Parents/Family, Friends/Peers, the Education System, Religion/Spirituality and Society.

Once you are able to let go and move beyond these barriers you are able to understand what changes you MUST make in your life in order to move beyond the current space you are in.


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