Celesteal Coaching

Coaching for deep healing and multidimensional transformations  

We’ve all found ourselves feeling stuck, burdened, disheartened, or disoriented. Maybe we feel out of place in a career, relationship, or other commitment. Our life simply doesn’t resemble what we most care about. Perhaps we feel helpless in our patterns, and frustrated by our defenses. Often, we know something needs to change, but don’t really have a clear sense of what is truly right for us, or how to get there. We pursue a new direction with hope, only to eventually realize we’re still off course.

The path through these periods is surprising from the perspective of conventional thinking — big changes often come in unexpected ways, and with less “effort” than we’d imagine. In fact, the pressures, expectations, and strategies of our mind just get us more stuck. The left brain and its analysis can only take us so far, because it’s not really tapped into what our hearts and bodies know is right for us. We think, then overthink, think, and overthink, but what we really need is to be Doing and not Overthinking. There’s a deeper navigation system we can trust once we discover it, and get a feel for what it is to live in this new, yet more natural, way.

I offer you a no bullshit or excuses space for release, shifts in perspective, and self-discovery

I’m here to help you see more, feel more, and be who you really are. The knots you’re tangled in will unravel when you come home to your body’s innate wisdom, learn how to have a healthy relationship with your mind, and start to open your heart to trust your intuition and life itself. This simple transition from the mind to the body, and from intellect to intuition, is transformative. Your outer world will start changing in response to this inner shift: your relationships will deepen, the aspects of your life that are inauthentic will be revealed, and what you really want will become clear. These changes are not without discomfort, and I don’t want to make the process sound easy — it takes courage. But, over time, you’ll start to trust that you’re right where you belong.

This is the alchemy that happens when you embrace your full life experience, all facets, light and dark, and live from your heart. Daikasei is a practice of living life differently — it’s an invitation to greater self awareness and self love. It’s a practice that will challenge your assumptions about what it takes to be happy, to succeed, and find the right next step. But I promise you, you’ll be relieved when you know from your own experience that happiness doesn’t have to be so elusive. When you discover what’s trustworthy within you, life will start to click.

DAIKASEI™ is the Motto of Celesteal Coaching

Daikasei is a mystical Japanese word that merges the words “Dai” (Great) and “Kasei” (Transformation, Transmutation, Metamorphosis and Evolution).  This program is similar to the Great Work in Alchemy, in which we take base metals (ideas, thoughts and nothingness” and turn them into gold (reality, enlightenment and divinity). This 10 Week High Vibe Coaching Program is designed for highly functional people.

The focus of Daikasei is Shadow Work and the Zero Point Matrix. Shadow Work is diving deep within your Self in order to better understand what you have kept suppressed and/or hidden. The Zero Point Matrix is the Genesis (Origin) of your Being. This can be approached from a mental, physical and/or spiritual aspects of life. The Zero Point Matrix integrates the use of the Cosmic or Divine Trinity: Mother (Divine Feminine), Father (Divine Masculine) and Child (Inner Child) to work through your own energies. While moving through your shadows, you are shown methods and techniques to enter your Darkness, navigate through your shadows and fears, separate the lessons that you wish to integrate into your new Self, test the new Self by pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, and then evaluate to make changes or celebrate the rebirth of change.

What it’s like working with me

I offer you a raw and natural environment to be seen, supported, and lovingly challenged when appropriate. I approach our work from my soul, listening deeply and empathically, never allowing myself to talk at you or make assumptions. I will guide you back to your own innate wisdom by intuitively listening to what your soul needs at this time. Together we will create a deep dialogue for your unique truth to naturally reveal itself. My goal is for every client to feel empowered to trust themselves to accept, face, heal, and overcome more than they thought possible.

What I offer is a mix between the functional benefits of coaching, the tough love of truth and the therapeutic benefits of counseling. My approach is very practical, yet draws from many years of experience on the spiritual path and numerous healing modalities, including western and eastern philosophy, spiritual and material alchemy, yoga, mysticism, mindfulness, somatic psychology, enlightened communication, transpersonal psychology, spiral dynamics, integral theory and practice, human design, and more.

I’m available to support you whether you’re looking for someone to help guide you long-term or just briefly through diverse situations.

My deepest calling is to help you:

  • Hear your deepest truth and soul’s calling
  • Discover an essential stability that will endure any storm
  • Reclaim the power you’ve been afraid to own
  • Embrace your authenticity
  • Trust your body and rely on it as your most dependable source of wisdom
  • Face the parts of yourself that have kept you stuck
  • Create boundaries that strengthen relationships and replenish your energy
  • Find the courage to venture into the unknown
  • Experience the liberation of living from your heart
  • Live authentically and create more intimacy in your relationships
  • Learn how to feel what your closest relationships need
  • Open your mind to the biggest possible picture for your life
  • See your greatest obstacles as your greatest gifts
  • Release limiting beliefs and outdated defenses
  • Find meaning in your plight by recognizing yourself on the archetypal hero’s journey

I ONLY work with:

  • Highly functional people who feel their life experiences deeply
  • Individuals who are seeking to shed the labels society has imposed on them
  • Anyone struggling with a health challenge or experiencing a “healing crisis”
  • Coaches, artists and entrepreneurs feeling stuck or challenged
  • People living an “alternative” lifestyle but struggling with the cultural challenges that come with that
  • Anyone longing to trust themselves and make a fundamental life change
  • Anyone looking for support and clarity along their personal, spiritual and business path
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed by and out of place in our unhealthy society

When you are ready to be the change in your own life, click one of the buttons below to schedule a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for one another.

Disclaimer: I provide something more akin to spiritual counseling than psychotherapy. I do not give diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.

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