My Masters and Teachers all worked through a donation-based work ethic and eye choose to do the same (regardless of what others in the spiritual field or profession may say to me). All booked sessions are donation-based, so feel free to make a reservation for $1 and then donate before or after the session based on what you feel is right. Eye promise that the donation amount does not change the energy, vibrations or frequencies shared within the session.


Eye also share my experiences and journey through various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Podcasts) and whenever asked. All of my work as a Mystic is donation-based (but that does not always mean money). If anything eye have done or can do resonates with your soul and you do wish to donate, then all offerings are greatly appreciated. If your donation is for a specific purpose, please send that message through the contact form and I will do my best to fulfill your request.


If interested in making a donation, feel free to donate using the button below. All donations are used for the advancement of my Mystical practice, which includes: talismans and mystical tools, books, website funding, and/or travel expenses as I journey throughout South America, India, China, Japan and other parts of the world.


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