Eye Am…

Eye Am Me

and here are some things

you should know about me.

Eye will share a little about “I”

and my Self so that you know

we all come from somewhere…

• I have ADD and Combat PTSD.

• I dance everywhere. Ask my friends.

• I am not always happy and/or positive.

• I occasionally coach myself in the mirror.

• I don’t have a TV and I don’t watch news.

• I am 34 years old and have no home or car.

• I thought I was crazy because of my visions.

• I always laugh at my jokes. Sometimes others join in.

• My extreme confidence is sometimes mistaken for arrogance.

• I walk around barefoot almost everywhere and have not so pretty feet.

• I swear/curse a LOT. I would blame it on the military, but in reality, I enjoy the extended vocabulary.

• I have been in South America for more than half a year and I can still only say a few Spanish phrases.

• I have light sensitivity (my eyes) and rarely go out into the sunlight. I prefer dark places since I see best in the dark.

• I have seen all seasons of Narcos, Smallville, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Naruto, Stranger Things and many other TV shows and Animes that make me smile.

• I am dead serious about my path and my clients’ results, but at the same time I don’t take myself too seriously. I like to make fun of everything, including myself.

• If I could have a dinner with any 10 people (dead or alive), I would go for: Steve Jobs, Nikolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, Buddha, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama, Buddha, Gandhi and Jesus.

• My first love got pregnant in 2005 with a best friend of mine while I was in Iraq and sent a “Dear John Letter”, and then in 2008 my fiancee thought I wanted to marry her just so that I could live in Europe, so the wedding was called off.

• I used to zone out a lot when people were talking to me. Half of my mind was paying attention and recorded the conversation, whereas the other half would think about exotic places, distant galaxies, other dimensions and much much more.

• I should have died in a car accident when I was younger (I am the only survivor of 4), from an ice pick in my chest, during an IED explosion in Iraq, from a mortar in Iraq, from a bullet in Afghanistan, from a rocket hitting our Blackhawk in Afghanistan and many other times, but the Universe has kept me around for some reason.

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