Khadaura is a Spiritual Alchemist, Mystic and Spiritual Guide with the attention and intention of guiding you towards the innerstanding and understand of your Divinity and the Universe in order to attain/maintain a balanced state of mind-body-soul-spirit through meditation, self-reflection and personal/spiritual journeys.

The origin of my rebirth name, Khadaura, is Sanskrit and is the balance of two names, Khadir and Saura. Khadir (my Divine Masculine) which means heavenly, celestial or the moon, and Saura (my Divine Feminine) which means celestial, beautiful and sun or solar. After my rebirth, “I” became “Eye” for Eye was no longer of individual Self, but of the Collective Consciousness, Eye had become one with all that is within and all that is around.

My Mystic Journey has been about Experience. Many disagreed with my methods of learning about this Universe and others, but they may never innerstand or understand my purpose, for Eye am a Warrior of the Shadows that serves the Light. As my Master in Japan reminded me, “It is better to be a Warrior in a Garden, than a Gardener in a War.”

Eye began my training with Mystics in Japan when Eye was 12 years old. Then with Shaman and Pagans when I was 16 years old. Later training with Spiritual Healers around the world as I traveled when Eye could

Meditation became a part of my daily ritual and eventually became my every breath. Meditation is in every breath, every step, every thought and every moment Eye am in the Present – opening Sacred Doctrine. Eye have practiced different forms of meditation to guide my Self and to guide others when they have asked.

Eye joined the Army at the age of 18 and went to Iraq, Afghanistan and other combat zones during multiple deployments, but for me it was guided by the Universe to become a Warrior. Through war Eye learned to fight, lose, protect and help those Eye could. Many saw me as a Monster, but they would never know my entire story, and that is ok, for their judgements do not change my way/path. War taught me about my Darkness and that of others. This experience was needed for me in my journey because to experience war was to know the blessing of peace.

Eye also became a Fashion Photographer (learning to see physical and inner beauty), a Poet (learning to express my Self in words), a Psychology Graduate (learning about the ego, personality and power of the mind) and Cybersecurity Graduate (learning to reprogram computers and find hackers – just like our minds and souls are attacked and reprogrammed), and more through experiencing tools that would help me help others in the future.

Now my greatest gift is my ability to transmute Darkness and Light into Energy that can guide others in their lives. That is my purpose. Eye sacrificed nothing because Eye chose to follow my path. Eye am a Mystic and proudly live a life to balance the Universe, just as Eye have in previously lives and fought with my fellow Mystics time and time again. This is a part of my story and the journey I have begun….

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