Sexual Alchemy

You may have heard that our sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we possess. How about utilising our sexual energy to consciously manifest things in our lives? How exactly does one do so safely and effectively, whether it be alone or with a partner?

Sexual Alchemy (a.k.a. Sex Magick) is a way to continuously use the sexual “substances” (sperm in case of men and sexual fluids in case of women) through constant control, during or after intense intimate and/or sexual experiences. Just as food is turned to energy, we can transmute basic sexual energy into other types of energy based on our intentions. Through different techniques we can experience extraordinary paranormal phenomena, the awakening of Kundalini, and even the divine ecstasy known as “Alchemical Gold.”

The idea of “Alchemical Gold”, as it pertains to the Elixir which is used to delay the effects of aging, prolong life, and healing illness comes from the fact mentioned above: that the human body uses the finest nutrients for the development of sperm and vaginal secretions. Once the business of consuming these thoroughly mixed fluids is repeated over many years, the end result (so the alchemist believes) will be secretions of the highest purity; their potency being greatly magnified each time, until the consummation of such secretions has the potential to heal all disease. This is called “ALCHEMICAL GOLD”.

Before we can truly understand what Sexual Alchemy is, we need to understand what Alchemy is. Once we understand this, what are the three things needed for Sexual Alchemy to take place?

Alchemy is a bit like nuclear physics, in that there is either fission or fusion, both of which liberate great power, but of the two, fusion is the stronger. When a couple fails to achieve fusion, they end up feeling more separated after sex. Power is still released through fission, but it is not as powerful, transformative, or satisfying.

We need to be available, open, present, and yet at the same time, detached to the results. We cannot and should not interfere with free will, as well as what is destined.

Every Alchemical process has seven steps, but without an evolved awareness, one will nearly always stop at the fourth step, and may even miss the first three steps and just concentrate on the fourth. The steps lead from freedom to restriction, and back to freedom.

  1. Creating the set and setting.
  2. Sharing ones fantasies.
  3. Acting out the fantasies in foreplay.
  4. Intercourse up to orgasm.
  5. Letting the orgasm spread through the whole body.
  6. Total surrender.
  7. Seeing the other person as different, because of what you have done.

You can see from this that most people stop at stage 4, and some even miss the first 3, which is why most do not achieve the fullness of sexual alchemy with its power and ecstasy. This is an important process, so if you seek to learn how to transmute your sexual energy, allow me to show you the Alchemical Way.

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