Alchemical Tarot Readings


This spread is used to take a closer look at how you are involved in the Causation of things in your life; you will be guided to a deeper understanding and increased vigilance in all your actions, thoughts and plans. This is a 10 spread that first calls upon your Ancestors, Origins and Roots to determine if the issue is rooted in the past. Next we determine the trigger(s) and the effects of the issue on everything around you. We then discus the effects of the issue on your hopes, fears and future.

Example Situation: You are about to begin doing Shadow Work and are very anxious. You ask, “Show me what I need to know about my shadows and their its aftermath.”

Example Situation: You are about to undergo surgery and are very anxious. You ask, “Show me what I need to know about my operation and its aftermath.”

Less Detailed Sample Reading: The cause of your shadows or illness may be due to you trying to keep your family together in a safe environment that, which lead to you putting too much stress on your mind and body. You may have developed humiliation and pride in the past and are bringing that into your present. This may have also lead to a fear of moving into the unknowns and being suspended in the moment. The cards have shown that may want to be more persistent in the future and in order to clarify matters within yourself and to others.


This spread is a more advanced reading and dives into the sou’s code and decodes how it corresponds to the issue in hand. This spread does not give position meaning, and so all cards are read in connection to the issue. Each card is observed on both sides as the back of the cards have alchemical and mystical symbols that may connect to one another to tell a story or multiple stories. Once the cards are grouped, they are then turned over to give a deeper meaning to the issue in hand.

“Stop sometimes, observe the stains on the walls, the patterns in ash or fire, clouds or mud or whatnot. In these, if you consider them carefully, you will find…resemblances to landscapes, battles, figures, etc.” – Leonardo DaVinci

These wise words and technique are applied to the spread in order to allow the soul to be decoded in the form of symbols.

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