Laura M.
 I used Khadaura's Sacred Egyptian Golden Trinity oil and it made me feel embraced, feminine, protected, calm, grounded, and I can't keep from smelling it on myself. I felt like I just walked out of getting a one hour massage. I hope these are made into bath bombs soon. 
Shani Lee
 I recently had a reading done with Khadaura. At first I wasn’t sure what it all meant. But after I took some days I can see how the reading is resembled to my life, and it makes sense at to what my ancestors have said about me and where I am currently at. Was amazing! Highly recommend. I’m sure more will unravel every time I go back and have a look at the reading 🙏🏼💜. Thank you so much xx 
Sapphire Soleil
 Very unique psychic comprehension and skill at picking up subtle yet complex and profound messages that are coming through for your Spirit. Khadaura answers questions you don’t even know you have! Would recommend ⚡️ 
N. B.
 Khadaura is very gifted and connected. I did the Goddess Prism session with him and the experience was phenomenal. He has a laid back and personable energy that puts you at ease. I am eager to do his inner mastery class later this month. 
Breanna Lamie
 Khadaura does amazing work!! He did a reading for me, and everything was spot on and resonated beautifully with what I asked. I would definitely have this done again, as I let very few read for me. Spirit gave me the go ahead, with him and he did not disappoint!!! 💚🙏💚 
Alessandra Neagu
 I love the Golden Trinity Sacred Oil. It helps by bringing tranquility and equilibrium before meditation or any time I use it. It has a strong pleasant smell that transports me into the inner temple. I totally recommend it! Thank you for this magical product. 
Heather Friedman
 I was very impressed with the Golden Trinity Oil. It smells amazing and lasts for a long time! The oil arrived very quickly, and the owner is so professional. I am very impressed and would definitely recommend this shop to others! Thank you again! 
 I recently experienced one session of Mystic Touch℠ with Khadaura this week and it is a divine process. At first I felt really good after the session and throughout the day, but the next day my body felt weak and drained, which is what Khadaura explained as integration after guiding me on how to clear my coding and heal my DNA. By the third day I felt great and ever since then I have had no back or shoulder pains (I previously had 10 years of pain). My partner and I both used the Eye of Divinity Elixir and had different experiences. He slept for 14 hours, and I had deep thoughts for 4 hours and then had a great night sleep. 
Celeste Gabrielle
 The [inner] temple journey was calm, nourishing, safe and my energy was super playful. I haven’t slept that well in literally months. Thanks so much for all your energy and words of wisdom!! You have given me a lot of strength to practice patience and love. 
Jennifer Schlueter
 Khadaura has been my spiritual guide for 11 years. He’s come a long way. He’s always been incredibly connected, but what he does now is on another level. I was able to experience a Temple of Akhet meditation with him and it was super powerful. He’s always there to help and advise, but he also exactly knows when it’s time for you to help yourself. Thank you Khadaura for an amazing 11 years and counting! 
Laura M.
 Khadaura has been giving me spiritual and holistic advice for two years. He has always given me advice and guidance that eased my anxiety and made me feel at peace. I have used his teas and oils and they’ve both had a calming and soothing effect on me. I give my highest possible recommendation for his services and products. 
 The meditation is from another dimension/level and feels like coming home after 31 years of looking - this is Home. I cannot describe my feeling; love, joy and much more. Your spirit/ and soul feel like I know you, but I do not, but it is so pure. Thank you for this. Your voice and your guidance must be known. 
Leann R.
 I really enjoyed the guided meditation provided by Khadaura. Within a short amount of time (that felt much longer), he helped me create a mindscape that I can access at any time. The meditation was a full one - a Chakra opening experience, mental transmutation, and creating a talisman with the mindscape. Most importantly, he helped create a space that I can return to and continue to build around. Would highly recommend. 

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