The Intro

Divine Risings,

Here is Khadaura. I am a Mystic and Spiritual Alchemist. I guide people through the transmutation of during spiritual processes and challenging periods (base metals) in life to happiness and enlightened balanced (gold). During our journeys and paths, we may feel uncomfortable in our current mindsets, lost among our shadows, overwhelmed by spiritual downloads or feeling stuck within the mundane aspects of everyday life. As your guide we will work together to determine the root causes (childhood traumas, subconscious programming, societal standards, etc) for the unbalanced aspects or your life so that we can regain your control within, unblock any energies that may be suppressed, and strengthen the boundaries needed so that you can live the life you are working towards.

My sessions provide the insight and techniques that you may use to become more aware of your self and spirit, as well as build deeper connections to the Universe around you. I am a Mystic and Spiritual Alchemist with a holistic mindset that combines ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese techniques with modern day practices that allow you to rely on yourself for what you choose to change or maintain in your life.

The techniques and content of each session may be different, depending on what resonates with you and where you are at the moment. My guidance is usually combined with various lessons and practices for the body, mind, soul, spirit and sanctuary (home), which can be active, creative or spiritual in nature. These practices may include Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Shadow Work, Code Clearing, Magickal Energy Integration, DNA Healing, Cellular Activation and Biofield Enhancement. Results may take up to a few days or weeks after the session to be complete. 

Important: The integration process that takes place during Code Clearing, DNA and Energy Healing, and Cellular Activation can make you feel weak and drained for a few days, so be sure to drink plenty of water, do not overexert yourself mentally, physically or spiritually, and remember to recharge through sleep and meditation.

Are We a Match?

During an introductory talk, we can both determine whether we are a match based on your needs and my techniques before we start the transmutations focused on your goals.

Appointments & Costs

Due to traveling abroad and living off-grim, I am currently no longer available for in-person physical appointments. Remote guidance is available via Zoom, Skype or video chat. Session times and prices vary and can be seen under my Services at Reimbursements or Refunds are not possible.

Are you READY for change? If YES, then I look forward to meeting you soon.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

Balance and Unconditional Love,


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